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The best laid plans often result in pumpkins. Well, not often.

October 10, 2011

Last year, my sister and I went searching for a pumpkin patch. We had visions of warm sweaters, bright red and orange leaves, hot chocolate and a field of pumpkins in our own little version of autumn heaven. Unfortunately, we never found one and ended up putting off buying pumpkins until the Friday before Halloween. And would you believe that every grocery store around my apartment was picked clean of anything that resembled a pumpkin? Needless to say, we did not get to carve pumpkins (more devastating than I’d like to admit) and spent the evening watching The Burbs, instead.

This year, that same sweet sister of mine was driving around West Jordan, minding her own business when she saw it. A beautiful field full of bright, vibrant pumpkins with adults and children alike wandering the rows looking for that perfect pumpkin. I’m extrapolating here, of course, since I wasn’t with her at the time. But I assume there was a warm glow surrounding the pumpkin patch, as well.

I made plans to visit this pumpkin patch over the weekend with two of my sisters, a BIL-to-be and my sweet niece, assuming that it would be just as magical as we had imagined. Then my sister procured tickets to the Utah-Arizona State football game and chose her Utes over me (her values are all outta whack).

A man short, we braved the insanity that is 90th South, during construction, on a Saturday, to make our way to Schmidt’s pumpkin patch on 2300 West. However, after a week of rain the pumpkin patch was closed due to mud.

We were resilient and the pumpkins were beautiful, so even though we couldn’t have the magical afternoon I had imagined, we still got some great pumpkins, a fun experience and some beautiful photos (thanks BIL-to-be!). Not a bad morning, I’d say.

Our expert pumpkin picker

Stay tuned for a decorated house and some pumpkin carving. I {heart} Fall!

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  1. October 10, 2011 9:51 pm

    The Burbs is my favorite. movie. EVER!! đŸ™‚

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