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A leisurely lunch at Lonestar Taqueria

July 5, 2011

I don’t usually take a lunch during during the work day. I much prefer leaving right at 5pm to leaving for lunch. However, there are always those days where you just need a break. Today was one of those. Do you ever notice the first day back after a long weekend is always harder than a regular Monday? At least they are for me. So when a friend at work suggested Lonestar for lunch, I jumped at the idea.

This was only my second time to Lonestar but it’s already one of my favorites. They seem to be famous for their fish tacos. The fish used changes with whatever is freshest that day. And the green sauce that goes with it is almost good enough to drink plain.

These tacos are messy. Each one is stuffed full enough to fill two tacos. Today’s fish was mahi mahi. It was particularly good, exactly what I’ve been craving. And with the sun shining, a table in the shade and a 1-liter Mexican Coke, what was supposed to be a quick lunch turned in to a long, leisurely one. Totally worth staying a bit late at work.

On a sad note, a sign in the window said dogs were no longer allowed (on the patio, I assume) due to health code regulations. I’m bummed because this was one of the places I looked forward to bringing Logan once he got all his shots and a bit of training. Oh, well. Crossing this one off my dog-friendly list.

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