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Nurturing my inner child while stretching my patience

June 28, 2011

Several months ago I purchased a deal to Color Me Mine off Living Social deals. I then promptly forgot about it. It wasn’t until earlier this month when my sister reminded me about it that I realized the coupon was about to expire.

Color Me Mine is a simple concept. You use their paints, brushes, stencils and inspiration to pant your own ceramics, whether they be tradition dinnerware, home decor or simply cute gee gaws. Our coupon let us use their supplies for free (usually $10 per person) so all we had to pay for was the ceramics, which ranged from about $10 to $50 dollars.

Being the coffee drinker that I am, I quickly opted for the cute cup and saucer set. My sister chose a tall, skinny pumpkin. Brother-in-law and Husband picked a little penguin and a dragon, respectively. I didn’t understand their choices, but who am I to discourage personal creativity?

As a group of adults, I only expected to be there about an hour and a half. I definitely underestimated. We spent nearly 3 HOURS painting our ceramics. But, knowing my weak concentration and my proclivity for being easily discouraged, I feel my simple choice in both ceramic and design was a good call. I was the first one done.

We get to pick up our goods tomorrow. I’m actually pretty excited to see how they turned out. It’s hard to tell what they’ll look like after they’ve been glazed. And while it’s a little pricey, this was definitely a fun date night.

Funny side note: Upon arriving home we discovered our puppy had learned how to climb over his gate that keeps him in the bathroom while we’re gone. You could tell by the way his whole bum shook along with his tail that he was very pleased with himself. Needless to say, we purchased a new gate.

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