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National Donut Day (almost a week late)

June 9, 2011

Last Friday was National Donut Day. Donut? Doughnut? I just don’t know. Anyway, moving on… Last Friday was donut day and it also happened to be terribly cold for June. It started out in the forties. Shenanigans. So what’s a girl to do on a cold June morning on donut day other than indulge in coffee and donuts? Exactly.

I had heard of Banbury Cross Donut from friends but I’m not in that area very often so I’d never tried it before. However, with the national holiday getting me all excited, I decided the drive downtown was totally called for.

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t terribly impressed with the building. Inside was a little sparse. Kind of how a store feels when they’re about to close out. Like there should have been things on the wall, more product, something. The customer service also left something to be desired. Not bad by any means, just kind of… there. They were interested in selling donuts, not making friends. Which is fine. At least they weren’t slow, rude or neglecting.

It was a long drive home. I almost bit in to one in the car, but I figured I should wait until I got home.

Along with my favorite vanilla latte, I picked up a couple chocolate frosted and a few cake donuts. They were out of glazed. It was National Donut Day, after all. It took a lot of will power to snap a photo before taking a bite, so be impressed.

You guys. YOU GUYS! My knees nearly buckled at taking the first bite of the chocolate donut. Slightly crisp on the outside, melt-in-your-mouth joy on the inside. I’ve never had a donut like this before. The frosting didn’t overwhelm, just adding the perfect amount of chocolate flavor. The cake donut didn’t disappoint, either. Again, a slightly crisp exterior with perfectly moist, soft insides caused me to moan audibly. If it hadn’t been for the promise of In n Out later on, I surely would have finished both donuts right then and there. I’ve been craving another every since. I just don’t think I can enjoy any other donuts ever again.

Melodramatic? Try Banbury, then decide.

(For any of you wondering, no, I didn’t eat all six by myself. My husband and sister helped. A little)

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